Fulfilling the promise

06.00 – Customers start to place orders for the evening distributions. Stock starts to arrive from UK growers, the Kent ports and other distribution hubs for storage and re-distribution.

…Market trading continues until approximately 08.00 from previous night.

08.00 – Customer Service Team process incoming orders until 12.45.

10.00 – Customers orders arrive and acknowledgments are sent out all morning until 12.45.

13.00 – Our transport planning and scheduling starts at 13.00 for the evening runs. Incoming stock is labelled and stored or allocated for re-distribution. Transport and warehouse teams plan and process produce distribution until 15.00.

14.00 – Pallets are labelled for distribution. Stock is moved for loading. Vehicles are loaded according to the manifest and route plan. Incoming produce continues to arrive for the evening runs.. Cut off time for order cancellations.

15.00 – Cut of time for pallets arriving to be broken down, for same evening distribution. Warehouse teams start to load vehicles.

16.00 – Trailers loaded and drivers start to leave depots from 17.00 onwards.

18.00 – Cut off point for all arrivals. Focus changes from unloading to loading.

21.00 – Produce arrives at the markets from 21.00 onwards. Night staff provide continuous support and communication between drivers, customers and delivery points.

00.00 – Wholesale markets open for trading from mid-night. Drivers report each market delivery time back to night staff. Any issues are dealt with by the drivers as far as possible. Up until 03.00, vehicles continue on their planned routes, guided by market trading times, until all pallets reach their destinations points.

06.00 – Customers start to place orders…